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BEST SELLER. Pivotal Response Treatment®: Using Motivation as a Pivotal Response

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Cómo Enseñar Conductas Pivotales a Niños Con Autismo: Manual de Entrenamiento - How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors to Children with Autism: A Training Manual (Spanish Translation)

$ 12.95 USD


Using PRT to Teach First Words to Children with Autism

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Teaching First Words to Children with Autism and Communication Delays Using Pivotal Response Training - Arabic Translation

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First Words Data Sheet Packet

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First Words Data Sheet Packet: Bundle of 5

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Teaching the Pivotal Behavior of Initiations to Children with Autism

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Improving Socialization in Individuals with Autism

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How to Teach Self-Management to People with Disabilities

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Cómo Enseñar el Auto Control a Personas Con Discapacidades Severas: Un Manual de Entrenamiento - How to Teach Self-Management to People with Severe Disabilities: A Training Manual (Spanish Translation)

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Understanding Why Problem Behaviors Occur: A Guide for Assisting Parents in Assessing Causes of Behavior and Designing Treatment Plans

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Increasing Success in School Through Priming

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Model for Parent-Professional Collaboration

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Toilet Training for Children with Severe Handicaps: A Field Manual for Coordinating Training Procedures Across Multiple Community Settings

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Growing Up on the Spectrum: A Guide to Life, Love, and Learning for Teens and Young Adults with Autism and Asperger's

$ 15.95 USD

This manual provides invaluable information to help you learn how to use motivation (using Child Choice, or "following the child's lead") as a Pivotal Response with children with autism.

This manual provides an overview of how to use pivotal behaviors (including motivation) with children with autism in Spanish. More detailed information on each pivotal behavior can be found in our newer training manuals.

This manual provides invaluable information to help teach a child their first words. Statistics show that the earlier you begin intervention, the greater your chances for success. Get started now!
English and Arabic Translations Available


تعليم الكلمات  الأولى للأطفال التوحديين والمتأخرين في التواصل  

(Arabic Translation)

This data sheet bundle is a great addition to the manual “Using PRT to Teach First Words to Children with Autism.” The included all-in-one and “Communication Probe: First Words” data sheets and easy-to-fill-in graphs will help you track your child’s progress as he or she is learning to talk. This will be most appropriate to use with children who have less than 10 recognizable words.

Bundle of 5 data sheet packets (20% discount per packet)

Use of initiations results in the kind of back-and-forth communication that is vitally important for communication, socialization, and academic competence. This manual helps you learn procedures to teach and/or increase initiations.

Our socialization manual provides invaluable information on teaching social skills and facilitating interactions between children with ASD and typically-developing siblings and peers.

Note: "Facilitating Play Dates" is no longer available. Our new socialization manual combines material from the previous manual with updated  information and procedures on facilitating social interactions.

Self-management is a pivotal behavior and effective positive behavior support strategy that can be used with individuals with autism and other disabilities to decrease maladaptive behaviors and increase positive prosocial behaviors. Teaching an individual to self-manage empowers him or her to act as their own agent of intervention, transferring behavior control from the clinician to the individual with ASD and natural contextual cues. Self-management is also an excellent strategy for inclusive environments.
English and Spanish Translations Available


This problem behavior manual provides instruction on how to perform a functional analysis, or recognize the function of the behavior that an individual is displaying, and how to use that information to modify the behavior to one that is appropriate and no longer disruptive.


This priming manual is intended for parents and educators to help a child with a disability who is included in a general education classroom. Priming helps children to acquire new academic material with more ease and thus reduce levels of disruptive behavior accompanying academic tasks.

This manual outlines the elements of an effective partnership between parents and professionals for creating a successful program for a child with autism.

This manual outlines the steps to a toilet training program that has proven to be successful with children with disabilities over a very short period of time.

With an estimated half a million Americans under twenty-six on the autism spectrum, this book offers the reassurance, solace, and practical solutions that so many people are searching for. Following up on their work in Overcoming Autism, which offered advice for teaching young children on the spectrum, Lynn Koegel and Claire LaZebnik now present strategies for working with teens and young adults living with this complex condition.
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What is PRT, what does it look like, and what are some good examples of how to use it? Now one concise book gives parents and professionals all of the basics on PRT, an empirically-supported treatment recognized by the National Standards Project and the Professional Development Center on ASD.
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Since Overcoming Autism was first published nearly a decade ago, many theories about autism have fallen by the wayside. But the interventions described in this book have been shown to be the best approach to improving the development and quality of life of children with autism. This revised edition has been updated with today’s cutting-edge research and expanded to clarify the importance of community support to affected families and the effect of societal acceptance on a child’s life.  
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Positive behavioral support incorporates a comprehensive set of procedures and support strategies employed on the basis of an individual's needs, characteristics and preferences. 
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One of the most respected and widely-used autism interventions, PRT uses natural learning opportunities to modify key behaviors, leading to widespread positive effects on communication, behavior, and social skills. Now the pioneering experts have created a modern comprehensive guide, reworked and revised for today's therapists, educators, and parents.
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The purpose of this book is to provide a useful conceptual and practical guide for teaching children with autism in a way that will maximize their developmental potential.
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