Chinese PRT® Certification Level I: Awareness

                            Introduction to Pivotal Response Treatment for ASD (Chinese Version)

Welcome, and thank you for participating in the Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) Level I Training and Certification Program! PRT Level 1 provides an introduction to Pivotal Response Treatments for individuals with ASD. It is designed to increase your awareness of PRT research and methodology for individuals with ASD.

After you have reviewed the the required reading materials, please watch the PRT Level I video training module below. The running time is approximately two (2) hours.

After reading the required written materials and viewing the video training module, participants should complete the PRT Level I Exam.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the PRT Certification Program Coordinator, Lizzie Ponder, M.A., BCBA at

NOTE: This web page and the certification video on this page are only to be viewed by individuals who have registered and paid for this certification course. By entering in the password you were given on the video screen below and clicking "go", you are verifying that you have paid for this product and that you are authorized to watch this video. Unauthorized use of this video, or sharing of this web page and/or the video password is punishable by law.

                                   PRT Certification Level I Video Training Module