Professionals Certified in PRT®

As a resource to parents and professionals, we are pleased to offer a registry of practitioners certified in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®. The professionals included on our registry have gone through our formal training program (either on-site or remotely) and have met the criteria for certification in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®.

We offer five separate levels of certification including (1) Level I: Introductory Awareness of PRT Research and Methodology, (2) Level II: Introductory Implementer; using PRT to teach first words and multiple word utterances, (3) Level III: Generalization; generalizing PRT to multiple children with ASD, (4) Level IV: Advanced Implementer; for teaching self-initiations, self-management, or facilitating social interactions, and (5) Level V: Trainer of Trainers; training parents and professionals to implement the PRT procedures, and (6) Level VI: Graduate level training (Ph.D. or M.A./BCBA) in PRT under Drs. Koegel along with ongoing continuing education in PRT. Upon meeting certification, individuals are then be able to implement PRT at the level they have been certified in their own communities.

The registry  provides the name, highest level of certification, location, and contact information for PRT certified professionals. At this time, information is listed for individuals certified at level II-VI only. Individuals certified at the introductory level (Level I) will be added to the registry soon! For more information on the PRT® services these professionals provide, please feel free to contact them directly.

Please click HERE for the PDF Registry of Professionals Certified in PRT

Note: If you are a professional certified in PRT and would like to be added to the registry or to make an update to your contact information, please contact