Level II PRT® Certification Workshop

This workshop will be held at UC Santa Barbara on September 8th, 2016;
the DAY BEFORE the 9th International PRT® for ASD Conference

-More information on the content and format of the Level II PRT Certification Workshop below-
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Please contact Kristin Wheatley at kristin@koegelautism.com if you have any quesitons regarding registration for the Level II Workshop.
Level II PRT® Certification Workshop Information
Objective of this level is to introduce participants to introductory PRT motivational procedures for teaching beginning verbal social-communication. To be certified at this level, participants must meet fidelity of implementation with 1 child with ASD across 3 activities.
Eligibility requirements: Participants must have received Level I Certification prior to attending the workshop at the PRT Conference. Level I Certification can be achieved through attending our Annual PRT Conference, attending an introduction to Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®: 2-day Level I training workshop, or through participation in the Level I Remote Training and Certifications Program.
Fee: $450.00 USD
Participants collect baseline video probe. Instructions are provided below:
Baseline Video Probe:
Prior to attending the PRT Conference and the Level II Workshop, participant must videotape themselves engaging in play-based interactions with one child with ASD, attempting to implement the PRT motivational procedures, and working to elicit as much verbal communication as possible.
• The baseline probe should be approximately 15 consecutive minutes of the participant attempting to evoke expressive verbal communication from one child with ASD during play interactions with the child. 
• Specifically, the participant should be attempting to implement PRT motivational procedures with one child to teach beginning verbal communication (e.g., first words and multiple word utterances).
Participants should save the baseline video to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Participants will bring baseline video probes to the conference for review during the Level II Workshop.
*Please note that all videos for the Level II Workshop and Certification (both the baseline probe and all probes submitted for fidelity assessment) will need to be in English so that we are able to score them accurately for PRT fidelity of implementation. 
The Level II Workshop will be an intensive 3-4 hour training provided on-site at 8th International Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) for ASD Conference. The Level II Workshop will include several different components, specifically:
Lecture (Power Point with video examples)
Case vignettes and group practice with feedback
Baseline video probe review and feedback
Participants will complete the Level II Certification remotely following the PRT Conference. The bulk of the Level II training will be provided at the conference, however following the PRT Conference, participants will work through additional training materials, and collect and submit fidelity video probes to demonstrate their ability to accurately implement the PRT motivational procedures for teaching beginning verbal communication.
Specifically, following the PRT Conference, participants will:
• Review training materials provided at on-site workshop (training manuals, research articles online video training module). Participants can work through the training materials at their own pace.
• Videotape themselves (in three 10-minute video probes) implementing the PRT procedures highlighted in the training with one child with ASD across several different activities. Specifically, using the PRT motivational procedures to teach basic verbal communication (e.g., first words and/or multiple word utterances).
• Participants submit the three video probes through mail, and our team will assesses the clips for fidelity of PRT implementation. The participant then receives a score and written feedback report corresponding to the three submitted video probes.
• If fidelity of implementation is not achieved, the participant has an opportunity to apply the feedback and collect and submit additional video probes to be assessed for fidelity of PRT Implementation.
• Once the participant meets fidelity of implementation with one child with ASD across three different 10-minute video probes (spanning across a minimum of three different activities), he or she is certified in Pivotal Response Treatment at Level II: Introductory Implementer, will receive a formal certificate of completion, and is eligible to enroll in the Level III PRT Training and Certification Program: Generalization of PRT Motivational Procedures (across multiple children with ASD).
More detailed information and instructions regarding fidelity probes will be provided on-site at the Level II Workshop.
If you have any question or if there is anything that we can do to be of assistance, please contact Kristin Wheatley at kristin@koegelautism.com or (925) 683-6631.

Level II Workshop - Day Before the 9th International PRT for ASD Conference

$ 450.00 USD

September 8th, 2016 Santa Barbara, California

Level II Workshop Day Before the 9th International PRT for ASD Conference-Group Discount Rate

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15% discount per person for groups of 5 or more